DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 4-22-18


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1.       In this article, what are the U.S. bishops concerned about?

2.       What is ‘due process’? Ask your teacher to explain.

3.       Do you think people fleeing persecution and violence should be allowed to seek refuge in other countries? Why?

4.       As Catholic Christians, why do we have an obligation to help those who are suffering?

5.       In what ways might we become a more welcoming society? How can you be more welcoming?



Page 1

1.       What is Pope Francis reported to be criticizing in this article?

2.       Do you believe war should be the first solution to conflict? Talk about it.

3.       Are there innocent victims in any war? Who?

4.       What other means are there to settling differences?

5.       How might this apply to your own life?



Page 5

1.       What is ‘journaling’?

2.       If you were to keep a spiritual journal, what are some of the things you might write about?

3.       Do you ever journal? If so, share how you do it with your classmates.

4.       Bishop Hying writes: ‘Every human person is a living narrative of how God is working to love, bless, convert and forgive...’ Discuss what he means.

5.       According to the bishop, what is one of the gifts of keeping a journal?



Page 7

1.       What is CSA and how does it benefit our diocese?

2.       The theme this year is ‘A Church of Living Stones.’ What does this mean?

3.       What are some of the ministries that benefit from the CSA?

4.       How do parishes benefit from the CSA drive?

5.       What does the phrase ‘sacrificial giving’ means?



Page 12

1.       What does it mean to be bored?

2.       How has this St. John couple stayed active in their later years?

3.       Do you think staying active at any age is key to good health and happiness?

4.       Kathy Pacholski is quoted as saying: ‘I’m happiest, and I feel better, when I’m doing something.’ Do you believe that is good advice, even for young people? Why?

5.       What do you do to keep from getting bored?

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