DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 4-29-18


Page 3

1.      What happened in Syria lately and how did the U.S. and other countries respond?

2.      In what ways were poor people affected?

3.      What is Caritas and what does it provide?

4.      Do you think that use of force should be a first response to a situation? Why/why not?

5.      Sandra Awad noted: (Children) are like sponges that absorb all the dirt of the war.” What did she mean?



Page 7

1.      When Bishop Hying talks about the dignity of all life, what does he mean?

2.      What types of service and aid does the Catholic Church provide around the world in addition to spiritual support?

3.      Do you believe you are the director of your own life? Discuss.

4.      What is euthanasia? Ask your teacher to explain.

5.      The Church teaches that euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide is morally wrong. Do you agree and why?



Page 9

1.      What special project have the Knights of Columbus from this council undertaken?

2.      Who would this project benefit?

3.      As a Catholic, do you think it’s important to help others? Why?

4.      What might a working bicycle mean to a person who is homeless?

5.      Father Mark Pranaitis of Catholic Charities called this project a ‘ministry.’ In what ways is it a ministry?



Page 10

1.      What is racism?

2.      Why do Church leaders tell us that racism is a sin?

3.      Do you think it even makes sense to judge people on the color of their skin? Talk about it.

4.      As a society, why do you think we tend to try and separate people we deem to be ‘different’?

5.      Looking back, how has slavery gouged a wound in our society and what effects are people of color still suffering today?



Page 15


1.      What do you think heaven looks like?

2.      What makes you happy when you go to church?

3.      Who is your favorite saint?

4.      What do you think it takes to get to heaven?

5.      What is your favorite hymn at Mass?

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