DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 5-6-18


Page 1

1.      What is ‘restorative justice’? Ask your teacher to explain.

2.      What do many people believe restorative justice will do?

3.      What did Father Greg Boyle mean when he said, “A job may keep a kid from going back to prison, but a ‘heal’” might mean he won’t go back.

4.      Have you ever had an experience where you forgave someone? How did it make you feel and how did it help you to heal?

5.      What kind of programs might prisons offer that would help people take their lives back?



Page 3

1.      When Pope Francis says that heaven is the completion of a journey, what is he talking about?

2.      What do you think about heaven? Do you think it will be a boring place to be for the rest of eternity? Why/why not?

3.      In what ways does Jesus ‘work for us’?

4.      What does the pope say heaven is?

5.      What do you think heaven is like?



Page 9

1.      What activity did Andrean seniors engage in during their annual formation day?

2.      What is the life cycle of Jewish religious culture?

3.      How is Christianity connected to the Jewish faith? Who is the connection and why?

4.      How many times a day to Muslims pray?

5.      Why are men and women separated in a mosque?

6.      In the eyes of faithful Muslims, what is the one thing God would find hard to forgive?



Page 10

1.      What stage(s) of life are precious in the sight of God?

2.      Why would speaker Sheryll Werner know first-hand that life is precious?

3.      Bishop Hying noted in the opening prayer that each and every life is unique. What does that tell you about the wonder of our God? How does that make you feel about yourself?

4.      What is a Safe Haven Baby Box?

5.      For mothers who choose to use the box when they cannot take care of their newborns, what does using the baby box say about the love she has for her child? Why?



Page 12

1.      According to this reflection, what is the whole purpose of the Christian life?

2.      How and why does God create us?

3.      Do you feel you have a friendship with God? Talk about this.

4.      How can we best respond to God’s divine invitation to friendship with him?

5.      Through the sacraments, what does God show?

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