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1.      When we think about the term ‘racial justice,’ what comes to mind?

2.      What are some of the issues that are dividing our country today?

3.      According to the bishop, what is one thing we can do to conquer our fears?

4.      Do you have a fear today? Discuss.

5.      When taking his fears to prayer, what relief did Bishop Hying experience?



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1.      Pope Francis notes a ‘revolution of tenderness’ in this article. What do you think he means?

2.      What does it mean to be self-centered?

3.      How does self-centeredness damage others and our society?

4.      According to the pope, does theology of tenderness do?

5.      He also states that ‘when people feel truly loved, they feel able to love, too.’ Talk about this.



Page 9

1.      According to this article, what is the average time one has to exit a burning


2.      What was the project these Marquette students engaged in to help their comm ?

3.      How was this a positive moment for those they helped?

4.      Do you have smoke detectors in your home?

5.      Ask your mom and/or dad when the last time the detectors were checking to make sure they were in working condition.

6.      Does your family have an escape plan in case of a fire? If not, work with your parent(s) and siblings to create one and then practice.



Page 20

1.      What is this story about?

2.      Who was the first pope in the Catholic Church?

3.      At what period in history did this search begin and why was it deemed necessary to keep the effort secret?

4.      What was inscribed on the niche wall that was found?

5.      Upon medical examination, how was it determined that they were the bones         

         of St. Peter?



Page 7

1.      What did this group of LaPorte Catholic parishes meet about?

2.      What does it mean to be a caregiver?

3.      What do you think are the challenges of being a caregiver?

4.      When Deb Kelsey-Davis states that caregiving is the backbone of our healthcare system, what do you think she meant?

5.      What is the NOURISH program?

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