DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 10-7-18

Page 1

1.      Who is Father Michael Pfleger? Have you seen him on the news?

2.      Who are the people he advocates for?

3.      Father Pfleger asked the question, ‘Why are we here?’ How would you


4.      What are spiritual ‘game-changers?’

5.      According to Father Pfleger why do we go to church?

6.      What is Father Pfleger’s prayer when he dies? Do you think it’s a prayer we

           all should reflect upon? Why?



1.      In what ways do we like to label people?

2.      Have you ever found God in a surprising place? Discuss.

3.      Read Mark 9:38-48 aloud in class. What does this passage say to you?

4.      How can you better recognize the good in other people?

5.      Do you think God would ‘friend’ you on social media? Why?



Page 8

1.      What did former-President Ronald Reagan and St. Pope John II come

          together to do?

2.      What made each of these men unique to the positions they held?

3.      What did President Reagan refer to as the ‘DP?’

4.      President Reagan was quoted as saying, ‘Nuclear war could not be won and

          should never be fought.’ What do you think he meant?

5.      Who was Lech Walesa?



Page 14

1.      Besides your parents and siblings, who are the people you consider your

           extended family?

2.      What was the miracle Our Lady of Guadalupe performed for Juan Diego?

3.      How do you envision the face of the Mother of God? Do you believe she is

          the mother of us all? What does that mean to you and your relationships with

          others, even those different than you?

4.      What does the Catholic Church teach about respecting life? Give some

           examples of what this includes.

5.      Who was Bartolome de Las Casas? What work did he do?

6.      Give examples of human rights violations in today’s world.



1.      What Department of Health and Human Services decision did Cardinal

          Timothy M. Dolan recently praise?

2.      Why do you think this ‘research’ is morally wrong?

3.      Where was the fetal tissue coming from?

4.      Is there a difference between what is law and what if morally right? Discuss.

5.      Is this an issue of respect for life? How?

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