DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 10-14-18


Page 1

  1.      What is the job of a guardian angel?
  2.      According to Father Kevin Scalf, who are the powerless in our society?
  3.      Why should we never feel alone?
  4.      What does Father Scalf say is “good theology?”
  5.      What is theology?
  6.      If Father Scalf is right and God created each of us for a very special reason,

 why should we respect all life?



Page 7

  1.       Who is Charlie and why is he special?
  2.       Do you think that, as a society, we tend to put labels on people? Why?
  3.       How does this tendency hurt others and go against what the Catholic

  Church teaches about respect for life?

  1.       According to this author, what grows out of caring for a person?
  2.       Who is the example of perfect love for us?
  3.       All families have their up and down moments. What makes families  




Page 8

  1.        What was this event all about?
  2.        When children are lost through death, how are they found?
  3.        Where are these children fully alive now?
  4.        Does it give you hope that we are fully bound with those we have lost and


  1.        How might we stay connected to those we have lost?


     Page 10

  1.         What was the topic at this retreat and why was it so pertinent for this


  1.         We talk about forgiving those who have harmed us, but why do you think

    it’s important for those who have harmed others to forgive themselves?

  1.         Do you believe people should be forgiven for their mistakes if they show

    true repentance?

  1.         Even though we forgive and/or are forgiven, there are always

    consequences for our actions. Discuss.

  1.         According to Clarence O’Connor, one of the retreat founders, what is the

    purpose of this annual retreat at Westville Correctional Center?



Page 11

  1.         Pray the Prayer to St. Francis found on this pet page out loud as a class.
  2.         What did St. Francis of Assisi hold a great love for?
  3.         Do you believe we have a responsibility to take care of all God’s

    creatures? Why?

  1.         Do you have a pet? Tell your class about it and how you take care of it.
  2.         In what ways are your pets a part of your family?
  3.         Why do you think God created animals and do you think they are special

    to God, too?

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