DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 10-21-18


Page 1

  1.      What does it mean when someone who has lead a good life is canonized?
  2.      Who were the saints canonized by the pope on this day?
  3.      What did they all have in common?
  4.      According to Pope Francis, what did he hope the new saints would inspire?
  5.      What does it mean to be radical? Ask your teacher to explain.
  6.      In what way does the pope describe Jesus as ‘radical?’



Page 7

  1.      How is suicide different from end-of-life care?
  2.      What is physician-assisted suicide?
  3.      Do you think that is moral or immoral, according to the Catholic faith? Why?
  4.      What is palliative care? Ask your teacher to explain?
  5.      Who is the ‘author of life?’ Who is the only one who could/should give life and take life?
  6.      How is this a respect life issue?



Page 8

  1.      What will the Supreme Court of the United States being looking at very carefully this term?
  2.      Do you believe people who are mentally impaired be subject to the death penalty? Why/why not?
  3.      What about people with serious illnesses or those with dementia who cannot even remember committing the crime?
  4.      What is retribution? Should states be able to seek retribution at any cost?
  5.      What does the Catholic Church teach about the death penalty?
  6.      Should we respect life at any stage and in any circumstances? Why?



Page 12

  1.      What does it mean to be a ‘packrat?’
  2.      Why do you think some people find it so hard to get rid of much of their ‘stuff?’
  3.      How does how you respect and take care of the material things you have been given reflect you spiritually?
  4.      What does it mean to ‘de-clutter?’
  5.      How might you de-clutter your soul?



  1.      What is a centenarian?
  2.      For Wade Kanney, what two things from his life stand out?
  3.      What is the Christmas memory that Kanney recalls made him happy?
  4.      What did his Catholic faith provide in his life, especially his time in the military?
  5.      In this interview, Kanney stated he believed God was being replaced by technology. Talk about this.
  6.      Do you think it’s true and what can you family do about it?