DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of November 4, 2018


Page 1

  1.     What tragedy does this story address?
  2.     What was happening in the synagogue at the time of the shooting?
  3.     What is Cardinal Daniel N. DiNardo referring to when he notes the ‘plague of gun violence?’
  4.     How can you begin to sow the seeds of peace?
  5.     Why do you believe there are people so filled with hate in the world today?



Page 1

  1.     What does it mean to live a life of service?
  2.     Do you believe this is something Jesus call us all to do? Why?
  3.     What ‘service’ did these middle-schoolers perform this day?
  4.     What does Grasta De mean?
  5.     In what ways do you believe you are ‘called to greatness?’



Page 9

  1.     What project is this order of Benedictine brothers undertaking?
  2.     In what ways is water the source of life?
  3.     What is a biosand filter and what does it do?
  4.     We simply turn on our faucets. How would a life without affect your life?
  5.     What does clean, safe water mean from a health perspective



Page 10

  1.     Talk about some of the lessons you have learned from your elders.
  2.     In this book, what does Pope Francis talk about?
  3.     What, in today’s society, makes it difficult to hold on to your faith?
  4.     What is ‘cruelty,’ and in what ways does we see cruelty in our world today? In your world as a young person?
  5.     What is ‘populism?’ Ask your teacher to explain.
  6.     According to the pope, how does populism grow? What example from modern history does he give?



Page 21

  1.     What is the troubling trend growing in this country that this article addresses?
  2.     What are the reasons given? Do you think those reasons are valid? Why/why not?
  3.     What, according to Father Kevin Huber, give a powerful closure to a person’s life?
  4.     Who achieved the ultimate victory over sin and death for us? How?
  5.     What, as Catholics, do we believe about death? Why shouldn’t we fear it?
  6.     When Laura Monteen states, ‘We are a people of time,’ what does she mean?

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