DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 11-25-18


Page 3

  1.      Talk about some of the problems we see worldwide that should be of concern to scientists.
  2.      Do you believe we have the knowledge to solve some of these problems? If so, what is stopping us?
  3.      Do you believe we have the responsibility to solve these problems? Why?
  4.      Pope Francis stated in this article that ‘the scientific community is called to serve the human family.’ Do you think that is true of all areas of knowledge?
  5.      The pope stated that the problems we face will never be resolved without a change in our lifestyles. Talk about this.
  6.      What can you do to effect change for the better?



Page 7

  1.      What anniversary did we recently observe?
  2.      In what ways might we ‘profit’ from what we celebrated?
  3.      What is the ultimate role of a soldier?
  4.      Why should we honor all our veterans?
  5.      Who was Doctor William Fitzsimmons?
  6.      Archbishop Timothy Broglio noted that “war is the failure of statesmen.’



Page 9

  1.      What project did the students at St. Mary School in Griffith undertake recently?
  2.      Do you believe we have a responsibility to care for all of God’s creatures? Why?
  3.      What did the Animal Rescue Squad do for the students?
  4.      Has your class in school or religious education done any projects to help others? Share what you did and the outcome.



Page 11

  1.      Who was St. Jose Luis Sanchez del Rio?
  2.      Why is he of particular interest to young people?
  3.      In what way is he considered a martyr?
  4.      What is included as part of St. Jose’s shrine at St. Francis Xavier Church in Lake Station?
  5.      We are not all called to be martyrs, but think about some ways we are called to stand up for what we believe.



Page 13

  1.      There are so many things happening in our society today that we can be negative about, take some time in class and talk about all the things we have and are grateful for.

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