DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 12-02-18


Page 1

  1.      What does ‘Fok nou pataje’ mean and why is the phrase significant to this story?
  2.      What is a ‘twinning’ relationship?
  3.      What can the two dioceses learn from each other?
  4.      According to Deacon Dan Lowery, even though the relationship is long distance, what can the two dioceses do for each other?
  5.      According to Bishop Alphonse Quesnel, what is the best solution to the extreme poverty seen in Haiti?



Page 1

  1.      Where is the Holy Land and why is it significant?
  2.      What are the three major religions found in the Holy Land today?
  3.      Why is area especially important to Christians?
  4.      What saint does the work in this area of the world date back to?
  5.      Father Francesco Patton is quoted as saying, ‘Without reconciliation and without forgiveness, it is impossible to have a future.’ Discuss.



Page 3

  1.      What is the purpose of the Women’s Care Center?
  2.      What are some of the services they offer?
  3.      Through this ministry, what does the WCC hope to achieve in the end?
  4.      How have they measured their success in their first year of operation at the Merrillville location?



Page 7

  1.      What did Pope Francis do recently to acknowledge and help the poor in Rome?
  2.      The pope said, ‘As believers, we must stretch out our hands as Jesus does with us.’ Talk about what this means.
  3.      Do you believe, as one of the richest countries in the world, we do enough to hear the cries of the poor around us?
  4.      What might we do better?
  5.      People like to gather earthly possessions and hold them tight to themselves. Why does this not matter in the end?
  6.      What, according to the pope, is the beginning of true faith?
  7.      In what ways can we all find ourselves to be spiritually poor?



Page 14

  1.      What is Advent?
  2.      What should we be doing during this special Church season?
  3.      Talk about your Advent traditions. Do you have an Advent wreath in your home?
  4.      What is a giving tree? Is this someone your class could do in some small way?
  5.      What is ‘contemplative’ prayer?
  6.      What Advent tradition might you suggest for your family to begin this year?