DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 12-09-18


Page 1

  1.     What is a pilgrimage?
  2.     What is the prime purpose of a pilgrimage?
  3.     Where did this group of pilgrims, led by Bishop Donald J. Hying, recently travel?
  4.     Why is Auschwitz historically important?
  5.     What, according to the bishop, was a cultural high point of the trip?



Page 1

  1.     What did former President George H.W. Bush feel about religious faith?
  2.     What did a state funeral include in this case?
  3.     In what ways did the late president give of himself in service to his country?
  4.     What are some of the leadership roles he assumed in service to our country?
  5.     What was President Bush’s connection to Notre Dame?
  6.     How did he advance the cause of respect for life during his tenure?



Page 3

  1.     What does it mean to be a ‘pagan’? Ask your teacher to explain.
  2.     What, according to Pope Francis, should be the focus of Advent?
  3.     ‘The drowsy heart is a condition that comes from focusing exclusively on oneself?’ In what ways might it become easy to focus on oneself during the Christmas season?
  4.     What is the new world Christ promised?
  5.     How are you using this time of Advent to prepare for the coming of Jesus?



Page 7

  1.     According to this writer, what does ‘be watchful,’ be alert imply?
  2.     Who should we be watchful and alert for?
  3.     How might we become distracted in this season?
  4.     Talk about some of the ways suggested to be watchful.
  5.     Talk about some of the ways suggested to be more alert.



Page 12

  1.     What is the mission of the members of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul?
  2.     Describe some of the ways they are active in our communities.
  3.     What are they, first and foremost?
  4.     What type of outreach programs would you possibly be interested in joining when you are able?

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