DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 12-16-18

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Page 1

  1.     According to the Bishop Hying, what should we do during these final days of Advent?
  2.     Why is Advent his favorite season of the Church year?
  3.     What does it mean when we say the Church year is circular?
  4.     What does the bishop say he sees rather than a circle, and why?
  5.     What are the three “comings” the bishop noted?



Page 5

  1.     What does ‘Kerygma’ mean? Ash your teacher to explain.
  2.     What are four aspects of Kerygma that the bishop points out in his column?
  3.     What, according to Bishop Hying, should believers focus upon?
  4.     What does ‘Follow me’ mean in this context?
  5.     What does it mean to be a life-long learner?
  6.     Why does God want to ‘form’ us?
  7.     What is considered the center of our lives as missionary disciples?
  8.     Is there someone in your life that you might share your faith in Jesus with? Who, and how would you do that?



Page 7

  1.     Does it ever seem that life becomes too busy during the weeks leading up to Christmas at your house? Talk about it.
  2.     What, according to this article, is the real purpose of the season of Advent?
  3.     St. Paul is quoted as saying, ‘Your kindness should be known to all.’ What are some ways you might go out of your way to be kind to others right now?
  4.     What are some of the things in our lives that prevent us from being ‘joyful’?
  5.     Why does Jesus reveal God’s love to us?
  6.     Henri Nouwen states that ‘Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.’ Discuss.



Page 8

  1.     What feast did we celebrate on Dec. 12?
  2.     Who was Juan Diego and what role did he have in what happened in Mexico?
  3.     What miracle took place when the local bishop failed to believe Juan Diego?
  4.     Do you find it hard at times to trust in the power of God? Why/why not?



Page 13

  1.     What did these two men do that was remarkable?
  2.     How do we take our freedom here in the U.S. for granted?
  3.     What do the ‘Pilgrims of God’s Mercy’ do?
  4.     How do they finance their pilgrimages?
  5.     In what ways do they demonstrate what it means to be missionary disciples of Jesus?

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