DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 01-13-19


Page 1

  1.      According to Pope Francis, what is the best way to combat a culture that seeks to control and manipulate life?
  2.      In what ways is life a gift?
  3.      What are some ways we tend to disrespect or disregard the gift of life?
  4.      Who was St. Teresa of Kolkata?
  5.      In what ways did she demonstrate a profound respect for life?
  6.      According to the pope, in terms of generosity toward the sick and needy, what do we need to remember?



Page 3

  1.      What is the function of the Indiana Catholic Conference?
  2.      Why should the Catholic Church show an interest in what legislators are doing?
  3.      What are some of the key issues the ICC tracks?
  4.      From where does the ICC draw its guiding principles?
  5.      According to the ICC, what are the biggest problems with payday loans?



Page 5

  1.      What did the baptism of Jesus publically confirm?
  2.      Through our baptism, what did we become?
  3.      What all laid between the Lord’s baptism and his resurrection?
  4.      “. . . Change is part of life,” the bishop writes. How do you feel about change? Is change hard for you? Give an example.
  5.      What do you think happens to people when they refuse to change?
  6.      In terms of change, what does the Catholic Church call us to embrace?



Page 7

  1.      Where is World Youth Day being held in a few weeks? Locate it on a map or globe?
  2.      What honor has been bestowed on local youth leader Vicky Hathaway?
  3.      What are some of the ways Hathaway has been involved in youth ministry in the Diocese of Gary?
  4.      What do you think the most exciting part of World Youth Day would be?
  5.      If you were able to meet Pope Francis, what is one special question you would ask him?



Page 13

  1.      What are some of the ways we might get into poor eating habits over holidays?
  2.      What do you think is the prime reason we need to eat, rather than just pleasure?
  3.      Talk about some of the ways we tend to eat poorly.
  4.      What happens when a person starts to eat a lot of sugar?
  5.      Discuss ways you can begin eating better in this new year.

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