DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 01-20-19


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  1.      What is bigotry?
  2.      How would you define religious bigotry?
  3.      What does our U.S. Constitution tells us about religious freedom. Discuss.
  4.      After reading this article, do you believe it’s unfair to judge Catholics in this way if they are seeking positions of government leadership? Why/why not?
  5.      What other religions experience this kind of bigotry?



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  1.      What does the annual March for Life in Washington D.C. commemorate?
  2.      What issue is casting a shadow on this year’s event?
  3.      What is the theme of this year’s march?
  4.      As Catholics, what do we believe about the sanctity of all life?
  5.      Talk about some issues to consider when we say we respect all life?



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  1.      What is called a ‘violent, predatory form of modern slavery’?
  2.      What does ‘predatory’ mean? Ask your teacher to explain.
  3.      According to the article, what are the best weapons against human trafficking?
  4.      What is the age group most likely to get caught up in human trafficking?
  5.      Why and how is communication within families important to help stem this problem?



Page 14

  1.      What does the Catholic Church call us to do while at Mass?
  2.      What are the differences in being a spectator versus an active participant?
  3.      How do you actively participate during Mass?
  4.      Do you believe that participating actively in something, you gain a better understanding of the event? Give an example.
  5.      What are the two main parts of the Mass?



Page 16

  1.      According to the author of this column, what opportunity does the start of a new year offer to us as people of faith?
  2.      Do you talk to God throughout your day? What type of things to do you talk to God about?
  3.      Do you feel God is listening and offers you guidance?
  4.      Talk about some of the different ways you pray?
  5.      Read through the list of suggestions. Which one (or more) might you make a resolution to add to your prayers life.

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