DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 02-24-19


Page 1

  1.      What did Bishop Donald J. Hying start out urging people not to do?
  2.      According to the bishop, how is our faith a balance?
  3.      What did St. Teresa of Avila give up?
  4.      What two fundamental mysteries did she liken to ping pong balls?
  5.      What does it mean to levitate?
  6.      How did the bishop suggest strengthening your prayer life?



Page 8

  1.      What is ‘Reins of Life’?
  2.      What is the mission of this organization?
  3.      What functions do volunteers undertake?
  4.      What are the benefits for the clients?
  5.      Can you think of some ways someone your age could help others?



Page 10

  1.      What is special and unique about this group?
  2.      What are members of Focolare called to do?
  3.      When Michael Saahir said, ‘I have to love the one nearest to me in the present moment, even if I don’t like them...’ what did you take away from that?
  4.      Do you believe greater peace comes through greater understanding? Talk about it.
  5.      List some of the things that make all humans more alike than different.



Page 13

  1.      What are some of the shared beliefs we hold as Catholics?
  2.      When do we pray the Nicene Creed?
  3.      For Bishop Daniel Flores, what are the ‘happiest’ words in our creed? Why do you think he believes this?
  4.      According to this article, why did Jesus ultimately choose to accompany his first disciples?
  5.      What in the creed affirms that love is always stronger than death?



Page 14

  1.      What, according to this article, is key to eliminating hunger and poverty?
  2.      How many people in the world today are said to suffer hunger and malnutrition? Do you find this shocking? Why?
  3.      What are some of the things that have contributed to hunger in rural areas, according to Pope Francis?
  4.      When the pope calls for ‘science with a conscience,’ what do you think he means?
  5.      Pope Francis also commented that, ‘God always forgives, men sometimes forgives, nature never forgives.’ Discuss in light of this article

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