DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of March 3, 2019





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1.      What made this win special for the Marquette Catholic High School girls’ basketball team?

2.      How does playing a sport teach one discipline?

3.      What is the importance of teamwork in sports?

4.      How does that sense of teamwork and discipline translate to life skills?

5.      List what you believe to be the attributes of real champions.

6.      Player Emmery Joseph is quoted as saying: ‘No matter what’s going on in your life, you can always control the attitude you bring . . . ‘Discuss.



1.      How was Queen of All Saints eighth-grader Adrian Huizar recently honored?

2.      What program did he initiate at his school?

3.      Who are the people who have benefited from his efforts?

4.      What, in your opinion, are the traits of a leader?

5.      What does this story inspire in terms of never being too young to help others?






Page 15

1.      What is ‘Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos?’

2.      According to Samuel Coreas, what did he gain through his association with this program?

3.      Talk about the life-saving story of Gabriel Gonzalez?

4.      Discuss the reality of what it means to love one’s neighbor.

5.      Gonzalez is quoted as saying: ‘It doesn’t matter how little you can give, every little bit makes a difference in a child’s life.’ Is there a way you and/or your class might make a difference in a child’s life?

6.      Reading the story of children who are suffering and are in so much need, how does it make you feel more grateful for your own parents and family?



Page 16

1.      Did you ever really look at the night sky without the distraction of city lights? How did it make you feel?

2.      Do you ever take time to enjoy the feeling of ‘silence’? Did you enjoy it, if only for a few moments?

3.      It is said that God often comes to us in the silence? Do you believe this? Why?

4.      Do you ever feel as if God doesn’t hear your prayers at times? Does that make you feel discouraged?

5.      What does Deacon Plaiss tell us about those times when we are spiritually discouraged?



Page 18

1.      What are the seven principles of Catholic Social Teaching?

2.      What is Catholic Social Teaching rooted in?

3.      How did Jesus live and model these teachings to us?

4.      Pick one or two of the seven principles and talk about what it means.

5.      As the author asks, how are you making the love of Christ concrete in the world today?

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