DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 03-17-19


Page 3

1.      What natural disaster has affected Central America in recent years? How does this affect the food supply?

2.      What is the Catholic Relief Services Lenten Rice Bowl Campaign? What is its mission?

3.      What is SEGAMIL?

4.      How have some schools in the U.S. supported the Rice Bowl campaign?

5.      Is this a project your class might undertake this Lent? Talk about it.



Page 11

1.      In what part of the Mass is the Eucharistic prayer found?

2.      During the Eucharistic Prayer, how are the bread and wine changed?

3.      As Catholics, what do we believe about the Eucharist?

4.      What is the ‘Epiclesis’?

5.      What is the Institution Narrative and what is its source?

6.      What is an oblation?



Page 12

1.      What do ashes remind us of during Lent?

2.      What is the wake-up call for the soul of which Pope Francis speaks?

3.      According to Pope Francis, what is the Lord’s main message during Lent?

4.      What are the three things the Church suggests we practice during this season?

5.      Do you think people are too weighed down by things in life today? Discuss.

6.      According to the pope, what does Jesus teach us from the cross?



Page 15

1.      What is a refugee? Ask your teacher to explain.

2.      What particular issue does this article address?

3.      How does the lack of education play a role in the continuing cycle of


4.      What are the hindrances to education in these countries?

5.      How is the Jesuit Refugee Service/USA helping to tackle this problem?



Page 18

1.      What do we mean when we talk about our heritage?

2.      What is a St. Joseph’s Day Table? Ask your teacher to explain.

3.      Do you believe all the generations that have come before you have helped to shape who you are? Explain.

4.      How is our faith a part of our heritage, too? How has Catholicism helped to shape who you are?

5.      What is the obvious starting point for bringing God into our lives?

6.      What are some of the other things Mr. Mullaney suggests as a way to grow closer to God?

7.      What did early settlers of this country believe would lead to a ‘just society’?

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