DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of April 6, 2019


Page 1

1.      What is a vocation? See how many different vocations you can name.
2.      What is the universal Christian vocation?

3.      Who call us to our vocations?

4.      What is a Christian’s first vocation?

5.      What do we seek to find in our own vocations?

6.      According to Pope Francis, what are some basic questions we should ask ourselves when trying to discern our vocations?

7.      What is the key qualification for helping someone discern their vocation?



Page 8

1.      How did Lauren Tatina spend her spring break?

2.      What is ‘Hope for the Poor?’

3.      In terms of this article, what is “The Dump?’

4.      Discuss some of the things this mission group did while in Mexico?

5.      What did Tatina find that people needed even more than food and clothing?

6.      What did she learn about people in such poor shape with so little?



Page 9

1.      What does this group of deacons do every week?

2.      What is a ‘mentor’? How do these deacons serves as mentors to these young people?

3.      According to Deacon Litavecz, what does he tell these young people is the greatest prayer they can offer to God?

4.      What is the mission directive of the Lake County Superior Court Juvenile Division?

5.      What does this story tell you about the consequences of making bad decisions?



Page 11

1.      According to the article, what is a big temptation when facing a difficult situation in life?

2.      Read the parable of the fig tree aloud in class. (Luke 13:6-9)

3.      Discuss the parable and what it might mean.

4.      What does it mean when we say that God’s ways may not be my ways?

5.      What does a sense of self-sufficiency mean? Do you believe anyone can be self-sufficient? Why/why not?

5.      What does the author say about listening rather than speaking? What, in his view, does this accomplish?



Page 17

1.      What analogy does Deacon make with the seed of an avocado?

2.      Read 1 Corinthians. What does St. Paul tell us about not having faith in the resurrection?

3.      What do we celebrate every Sunday at church?

4.      How does the resurrection give us hope as Christians?

5.      In what way is the resurrection deemed to be ‘sweet’?

6.      Talk about some of the things Deacon Plaiss mentions as the beauty of our religion?

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