DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 04-14-19




Page 1

1.      Who was recently named the new archbishop of Washington D.C. and by whom?

2.      What makes this significant?

3.      What makes being the archbishop of Washington such a high profile position?

4.      Is the Catholic population of Washington diverse? In what ways?

5.      What is a pastoral statement? Ask you teacher to explain.

6.      Name some of the pastoral statements Archbishop Gregory has issued.



Page 5

1.      What events transpire during Holy Week/

2.      According to Bishop Donald J. Hying, what firm resolution should we have?

3.      What is the proof mentioned for Jesus loving us?

4.      On Holy Thursday, what action of humble service by Jesus do we recall?

5.      “The extreme mercy of God knows no boundaries.” Talk about it.



Page 8

1.      What makes donkeys such special creatures?

2.      How does a donkey play a part of the Palm Sunday story?

3.      How does this demonstrate the humbleness of Jesus?

4.      What does Palm Sunday invite us to do?

5.      Talk about another mention of donkeys in the Gospels.

6.      How should we view a rejection of Jesus?



Page 9

1.      What is the famous story of Jonah?

2.      What did these three days of solitude provide for Jonah?

3.      What is a prophet? Ask your teacher to explain.

4.      What is the warning Jonah finally delivers to the Ninevites?

5.      What are the four environmentally destructive patterns noted by Dr. Crist?

6.      What is the concept of thoughtful consumerism?



Page 18

1.      What does the author suggest is “our night for telling stories?”

2.      As Catholics, what are the stories we recall during Holy Week?

3.      Why do stories matter?

4.      Talk about some of the stories at are important in the history of your family.

5.      What are our stories of faith meant to transform.

6.      How might you help keep the stories of our faith alive?

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