DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of May 12, 2019


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1.      Discuss what you know the Church teaches about marriage.

2.      What did Bishop Hying say about love in his homily?

3.      What is the highlight of the anniversary mass?

4.      How did some couples choose to make the mass special? Who celebrated it with them?

5.      What are some important characteristics you feel make a marriage last?

6.      What couples do you know that set a good examples of how a marriage should work?



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1.      Define discipleship.

2.      Discuss what it means to be a good disciple.

3.      Name one way a person in attendance at the meeting said they became a disciple.

4.      A recent survey saw the diocese performing better than the national average in what categories?

5.      What are some of the challenges the Church is facing as mentioned by Deacon Lowery?

6.      Discuss some ways you feel your Church could encourage others to be disciples.



Page 9

1.      What does Panozzo-Pelath use to create her artwork?

2.      How did Panozzo-Pelath first begin to gain an interest in art?

3.      What are some pieces of art she has created?

4.      Explain the project Panozzo-Pelath is working on with students at Notre Dame.

5.      Name one example where you could “take an empty consumer container that lacked substance or nutrition, then fill it back up with God’s love, hope and spirit.” ?



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1.      The Star Council Award is given to Knights of Columbus council that is outstanding in what three areas?

2.      What are some of the ways the council supports the community?

3.      What do you think Jesus would say about an organization that helps its community?

4.      How does the Knights of Columbus council keep faith the center of what they do?

5.      Why is volunteering important?

6.      What are some ways you can volunteer in your school and community?



Page 22

1.      What do you think it means to be a spiritual mother?

2.      Who are some important mothers often mentioned within the Catholic Church?

3.      Explain the three vows religious women take and what they mean.

4.      In what ways did Pope John Paul II say spiritual motherhood is expressed?

5.      Why do you feel Mary is so revered in the Catholic Church?

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