DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of May 18, 2019


Page 1

1.      What groups gathered for the Safe Environment Conference?

2.      What are some of the reasons an annual meeting like this would be important?

3.      What is the VIRTUS program?

4.      After reading this article, what do you feel the stance on abuse is within the Church?

5.      What are some things parents might do to keep their children safe? What can you do as a member of your school and church community?



Page 5

1.      What are some moments in history within the Church when there have been challenges?

2.      What does Jesus say about being afraid in the Bible?

3.      Even Bishop Hying encounters moments of uncertainty. What was one of these time he alluded in the column?

4.      Discuss how you deal with fear and what helps you to manage fear.

5.      Recall a time when you felt God’s presence was with you even though you were alone.



Page 8

1.      What does the Catholic Church teach us about helping others?

2.      Why do you think Father Tobin was motived to run in the marathon?

3.      How many children was Father Tobin able to help by raising money?

4.      What are some ways you can show support for your family and school?

5.      What are some fundraising events that you can thinking of that occur in your community?



Page 10

1.      Define lobbying.

2.      What is a refugee?

3.      Discuss what you feel the Catholic Church’s stance is on admitting refugees.

4.     What are some reasons people in other countries leave their home?

5.     What are some ways refugees mentioned in the story helped the U.S. after resettling here?



Page 14

1.      When did you first learn the Lord’s Prayer?

2.      What do you think makes the Lord’s Prayer so important?

3.      There are seven petitions mentioned in the Lord’s Prayer. Name two of them.

4.      Discuss the difference before “you petitions” and “us petitions”.

5.      The Lord’s Prayer starts and ends with ___ .

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