DISCUSSION GUIDE: Issue of Nov. 10, 2019


Page 1

1.     What war was going on about the time Father Torres entered the U.S. Navy?

2.     How was Father Torres able to see the Vatican?

3.     Explain how Father Torres received support with his decision to enter the priesthood.

4.     What do you think makes Father Torres a good priest?



Page 11

1.     What is the mission of the Serra Club?

2.     How many years has the organization been around in Northwest Indiana?

3.     Discuss some of the events organized by the Serrans.

4.     What is one idea can you can think to help spread prayers for vocations?

5.     How should people welcome new members?



Page 12

1.     What is the topic of the session that will be held Nov. 25 at St. Matthias?

2.     What is the Christus Vivit?

3.     Christus Vivit was written in response to what event?

4.     What age groups are encouraged to attend the November discussion?

5.     What are some topics important to today’s young Catholics?



Page 14

1.     When do you like to pray?

2.     Picture a time when you viewed the sunrise or sunset. Did you feel God’s presence there?

3.     Why is it important to find time during the day to pray?

4.     What are some things you are thankful for?

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