DISCUSSION GUIDE: Issue of Dec. 1, 2019


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  1. How many people attended the Charity Summit?

  2. Discuss what charity means to you?

  3. How are we called to help those in our communities? What are some ways people may need assistance with in their daily lives?

  4. Can you think of a story in the bible where Jesus was selfless and helped others?

  5. Fill in the blank. Dr. Matovina stated that charity is giving another person a sense of ___.



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  1. What did Len Pryweller need help with?

  2. How was the ramp at the Pryweller home found and paid for?

  3. Who were some of the people involved in getting the project completed?

  4. Take a minute to reflect and discuss what Jesus taught us about helping one another.

  5. What are some organizations you are aware of that do good work? How might you be able to help them?



Page 9

  1. Where were the coats collected by the Knights of Columbus delivered?

  2. What are some of the “extras” the Knights of Columbus help fund at the Gibault?

  3. How did the Knights raise the money for the coats?

  4. What are some of the other special projects the Knights of Columbus are involved with?

  5. Why do you think individuals join the Knights of Columbus?



Page 12

  1. What is an AED?

  2. To whom were the AEDs distributed?

  3. Why is it beneficial for police officers to have these devices?

  4. How do police officers give of themselves to serve their communities?

  5. Discuss how you think God would react to these organizations coming together for this project. Give support for your answer.

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