Ad Limina Visit

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1. What does Ad Limina mean?

2. Who was among the representatives for the Diocese of Gary?

3. How long did the Pope speak with the bishops from Region VII?

4. Explain what you feel is the purpose of the ad limina visit.

5. What would be something you would ask Pope Francis if given the opportunity?


Keeping Christ in Christmas

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1. How did the nativity displays in St. John get their start?

2. Do you feel children today understand the meaning of Christmas? Can you recall what age you were when you understood the story of Jesus's birth?

3. Why did Schilling start to create and distribute nativities?

4. What are some ways you can help yourself and others focus on the true meaning of Christmas?


How a Bishop is Selected 

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1. Who has the ultimate decision in selecting a bishop for a diocese?

2. About how long does the process for selecting a bishop take?

3. What group helps to start a list of priests who would potentially make good bishops?

4. What is the Apostolic nuncio's role in selecting a bishop for a diocese?


Living Nativity

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1. Who came up with the idea for the Living Nativity at Queen of All Saints?

2. Who was invited to come visit the Living Nativity?

3. How many people were estimated to have visited the event?

4. How might a Living Nativity be a different experience from a just viewing a model?

5. What were some comments from those that attended the Living Nativity?


Young People and Faith

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1. Who did the Pope have in mind when he wrote the Christus Vivit? Who was his audience?

2. Fill in the blank. "You need to find a place where they are genuinely ___ ," said Vicky Hathaway.

3. What are the three messages Pope Francis stressed in Christus Vivit?

4. What are some ways in which you feel the Church can be more connected to youth?

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