March for Life

Page 1

1. Why do you think the couple mentioned in the article did not go through with their appointment at Planned Parenthood?

2. Name some places that held a March for Life event?

3. What schools had students who participated in the March for Life?

4. Fill in the Blank. Father Theodore Mens stated that, “Human Life is  ______.”

5. Explain why public events like the March for Life are important.


The Life of a Bishop

Page 3

1. How long did Father Michael Yadron serve as Diocesan Administrator?

2. Explain in your own words what you think Father Yadron means when he says a bishop never knows what is going to cross his desk.

3. What are some issues a bishop may have to speak out about alongside other bishops?

4. How do people of the church view the bishop? Why would it be important for the bishop to be mindful of his words and actions?

5. What were a few of Father Yadron’s final thoughts for the people of the Diocese of Gary as the new bishop arrives?


Inspiring Youth

Page 10

1. What traits do you think make Jaigan Allport successful?

2. What are some of Allport's extracurricular activities? How does he assist his local church?

3. What do you think helped Allport overcome his shyness?

4, How does Allport believe people should treat one another?

5. What does Allport's comments related to the others that applied for the Lily scholarship say about him?


Catholic Charities

Page 12

1. What are some of the ways Catholic Charities assist people?

2. What is the mission of the Women's Care Center?

3. How can people support Catholic Charities?

4. Why are organizations like Catholic Charities important?

5. Discuss some other "hidden gems" you are aware of – those people or groups that help others.


Join The Flock

Flock Note