Page 1
1. What is the best way to encourage some to consider a vocation to religious life?
2. What reason did Father Kime give for a shortage of priests and religious sisters?
3. What are some signs Alzheimer gave that show hope for increasing religious vocations?
4. Fill in the blank. "A culture of vocations requires a culture of ____."
5. Discuss some ways mentioned that can increase religious vocations.
Page 9
1. What made the mass at Holy Angels Cathedral special?
2. Why did Semona Peterson thank Bishop McClory?
3. What is the good news and really good news Bishop McClory mentioned in his homily?
Page 15
1. How was the Mardis Gras party a way of reaching out into the community?
2. What are some other activities the Saturday Service Ministry has been involved with?
3. How might developing relationships like the one between St. Tersa Avila parishioners and Opportunity Enterprises show Gods love?
4. How can you help in your community? Discuss volunteer opportunities that you know of?
Page 18
1. How might churches be different in other countries?
2. Why might it be important for churches in the United States to assist those in a different countries?
3. What is the importance of a crucifix in the church?
4. Why do you think Trevino said the Holy Spirit helped to connect the dots get the cross to Haiti?
Page 22
1. Fill in the Blank. "We should __ toward his mercy with perfect humility."
2. Why is Lent important according to Plaiss?
3. What are the three things the Church asks us to do during Lent?
4. Discuss what Lent is about and what it means to you in your own words.

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