Discussion Guide Issue of 12-9-12

Page 1
1. What does RCIA stand for?
2. What is the difference between a catechumen and a candidate?
3. What sacraments will candidate make at the Easter Vigil?
4. According to Bishop Melczek, above all else, what is the Catholic faith?
5. As Catholics, what does Jesus give us the courage to do?
6. Why does helping others sometimes call for courage?


Page 2
1. What is alternative gift-giving?
2. What alternatives ways of giving does your parish support?
3. As a young person, what ways can you find to give...to family...to friends...in your parish...in your community?


Page 5
1. Why do Catholics hold a special place in their hearts for Mary?
2. When and how did Mary become the mother of us all?
3. Mary was born without sin. What feast day acknowledges this?
4. When Mary said 'yes' to God, what did she allow to happen?
5. What happened between Dec. 9-12 in 1531. What feast commemorates this event?
6. How does the Blessed Mother help us to remember the real reason for Christmas?


Pages 9-12
1. What is the mission of Catholic Charities?
2. Who are the people in need assisted by Catholic Charities?
3. Read the passage from Matthew on page 10 in Dr. Lowery's article. Discuss. What is our responsibility to those in need according to Jesus?
4. Read the story on Caseworkers (page 12). Why do you think so many people with mental health issues end up living on the streets?
5. The caseworkers note they couldn't do their jobs without God. How do they see the face of Jesus in their work?


1. When you think about Christmas, do you think about Mary? Why/why not?
2. When the Angel Gabriel came to tell Mary she would have a child, do you think Mary was scared? Why/why not?
3. How, as the writer suggests, was this a journey Mary ultimately walked alone?
4. How is this the same for us? Talk about how, ultimately, we are responsible for our own lives.
5. Discuss the quote from Joseph Campbell. What does it mean?


1. What kind of stresses do you have at your age?
2. Do you have a hard time focusing when you are stressed?
3. The more stressed we are, the more stressed we become. Discuss.
4. What does it mean 'to find balance' in life?
5. Talk about the ways the author suggests to overcome stress. Can you add any ideas of your own?

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