Student Columnist Jessica Zarik


Don't Stress Too Much, for God will Provide


"God will provide." I have heard this saying many times throughout my life, but I have always seemed to take it for granted. Recently, however, this has taken on much more meaning in my life.
The little stresses of life have always been a problem for me. Dealing with a lot of schoolwork, big projects, and big decisions relating to growing up have become the norm, especially for a person my age. Right now, the looming burden of figuring out a way to pay for tuition for a private college has become the topic of interest.
The anxiety set in when I received my financial aid notice, and when I was thinking about all the ways I could save and make money to finance my education, I realized I was stuck on worrying too much about this one thing instead of enjoying life and living for the moment. It is times like this that I really take in this statement, "God will provide" as much as possible.
While a certain amount of work and worrying should be put in, I am putting my trust in God that he will help me with the rest so that I am still able to enjoy myself and get the most out of college.
The thing I was most worried about with dealing with a high price tag was that I would not be able to travel in college, whether through a study abroad program or a service learning trip to a third-world country. However, I'm again beginning to realize that if I am meant to go on those trips, God will find a way to help me afford them.
No matter what stage of life a person is in, life's little stresses will always be there, whether it be deciding on a college major, paying off student loans, or even finding a way to pay big bills as an adult. But these need to be kept in perspective: they really are little stresses. God will find a way to help anybody through even the toughest times because he just wants us to live our lives the way he intended. We should be living every second to the fullest and not spending every moment stressing about these problems. God will, in some shape or form, provide.

Jessica Zarik is a senior at Andrean High School. Email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .