Student Columnist Lexi Lopez

Overcoming stress comes with faith and confidence in God's help


With the holiday season in full swing, this time of celebration and giving helps students channel their inner happiness and connection with God. However, many teens are unable to focus on this festive time of the year due to the upcoming stress of finals and end of the first half of the school year. Amidst the overbearing weight of maintaining good grades, we must remember the true nature of this time and channel our faith to remain calm and focused.
The pressures of school are continuous; students know that they must consistently study and keep up with school work in order find success in their education. Although this is a stress many have learned to combat, finals can send many over the edge. The crammed-in homework and tests before final grades are posted have many in a frenzy.
By allowing our lives to be consumed with this, we lose sight of what truly matters. We fail to realize there is a way to find balance in turbulent times. That way is by remembering our spirituality and that the Lord will calm us and has a plan for us that we cannot control.
I discovered the first step to achieve this when I was younger. As a member of St. Mary's parish in Crown Point, Father Pat Kalich always instructed us to take time out of our day to "Stop and think about the times we haven't been at our best." It is this simple, short meditation that helps calm the mind and brings focus on the here and the now. In a time of thought, we can even say a prayer, not only for our own troubles, but we can remember that we are not alone and keep others who may be struggling in our minds.
As the anticipation for finals approaches, built-up nervous energy can also be channeled and released in positive ways. We can take time out of our day to help those in need, as we are encouraged in our faith, in the plentiful charitable and community service opportunities available. By seeing those who have more issues in their lives that we may never know and their never ending hope, we find inspiration. When we think it's impossible to survive the heavy weight on our shoulders, we can look at those who have survived much worse due to their continuous faith in the Lord.
We are also blessed with the benefit of a Catholic education. We have teachers that will bend over backwards in order to help us reach our full potential. Remember, they will always be open to helping us, especially as finals approach. Acknowledging your stress and realizing that help is available is the first step towards learning the material you may be struggling with and gaining appreciation for the guidance we are so blessed to have.
From the cheerful music already blasting on the radio to the Salvation Army volunteers ringing the bells outside of stores, Christmas time is iconic for brining happiness to all. Never allow yourself to miss out on the time of the birth of Christ by letting stress overcome you. Keep calm, and hold your head high with the knowledge, confidence, and faith that God will help you through it.



Lexi Lopez is a senior at Andrean High School in Merrillville. Email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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