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One of the most difficult challenges in the religious formation of our young people today is how to make faith relevant in their lives. To that end, as educators, we must make a connection that inspires our students to take classroom lessons and put them into action back in their homes, parishes and neighborhoods. Habits of a lifetime are most firmly implanted when started at an early age.

To that end, Bishop Melczek has the expectation that all our middle school and high school religion classes participate in the Maturing in Faith program, designed to bring the Northwest Indiana Catholic into your classroom as well as the homes of our young people.

Each week, catechists and students together are invited to take a few minutes and explore the many global, national and local ways Catholics - young and old alike - are making the important connection between their faith and real life. To help you facilitate this process, the NWIC also provides a weekly discussion guide for teachers, available on our website at

Additionally, there is the hope that parents, too, will become interested in the stories of faith we tell and, as a result, become more active in their faith and serve as models to their children.

Bishop Melczek so believes in the importance of the Maturing in Faith program that it comes to those eligible at NO COST to the parish or family. To get started, we would simply need the names and addresses of your middle or high school students so we might add them to our subscriber base.

Please send your list via email to:
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mail to: Northwest Indiana Catholic, 9292 Broadway,
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