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DISCUSSION GUIDE: Issue of 09-28-14


Page 1

1.   What historic trip did Bishop Dale J. Melczek recently take?

2.   What is the Holy Land? Ask your teacher to explain the importance of this part of the world.

3.   What three religions are represented in the Holy Land?

4.   In their statement, when the bishops reference that a two-state solution is essential for peace, what    does this mean?

5.   During the pilgrimage, where did the U.S. bishops find “signs of inspiration and hope.”



Page 1

1.   Who has been named to replace retiring Cardinal Francis George in Chicago? Where is he from?

2.   How do you pronounce the new archbishop’s name?

3.   What does Bishop Cupich list as a priority in his new ministry?

4.   When the bishop states, “Labels are hard for anybody to live up to, one way or another. I just try      to be myself and I try to learn from great people.” What does this say to you in how you might       live your life?

5.   Chicago has 2.2 million Catholics. What do you think are some of the challenges Bishop Cupich will face here?



Page 3

1.   During a visit to Albania, Pope Francis noted that “Killing in the name of God is sacrilege.” Discuss what he means.

2.   Give an example of how religious spirit is often distorted in the world today. Discuss.

3.   In what ways does Albania stand as an example of peaceful coexistence?

4.   In its history, how has Albania withstood oppression?

5.   What were its people willing to face to hold onto their faith?

6.   Recount the story of Father Ernest Simoni.



Page 7

1.   According to the Catholic Church, why does government exist? Do you agree/disagree? Why?

2.   What does it mean when this article refers to the “common good?”

3.   What are some of the things that make it difficult to know who to vote for in an election?

4.   As Catholics, what are the tools we should be using to make these determinations?

5.   Discuss the significant issues listed that need to be considered when voting for a candidate.



Page 9

1.   What is “binge” drinking?

2.   Why has it become prevalent on college campuses?

3.   What can be some of the dire consequences of binge drinking and why is it a foolish and sometimes deadly behavior?

4.   What does the Catechism of the Catholic Church teach us about overconsumption of alcohol?

5.   What are some Catholic colleges doing to help educate students about this dangerous behavior?

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