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DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 1-19-18



Page 1

1.         What center did Bishop Donald J. Hying bless?

2.         What is the purpose of the center?

3.         What options does the Women’s Care Center provide?

4.         Bishop Hying is quoted as saying, “When a woman sees that image of a child (through an ultrasound), it’s a game changer,” what do you think he meant?

5.         In what way is the work of the Women’s Care Center a model of unconditional love?




Page 5

1.         What is ‘contemplation?’ Ask your teacher to explain.

2.         Do you think our culture has forgotten the nature of leisure? Discuss.

3.         How does the bishop define ‘leisure?’

4.         Do you ever enjoy taking time to contemplate the reality of God, life and creation? What thoughts come to you during these times?

5.         What things do you think the Blessed Mother contemplated?

6.         Do you believe there are ‘sacred places’ within each of us? If so, if we take time to explore and reflect, what will we find in these places?




Page 8

1.         On what feast day did the parishioners of Ss. Monica and Luke also observe Kwanzaa?

2.         What is your vision for 2018? What do you see yourself accomplishing?

3.         Is it ever hard for you to put all your trust in God? Discuss.

4.         Do you believe that God has a plan for everyone, even if we don’t understand right now what that plan may be? Discuss.

5.         What is Kwanzaa?




Page 10 and 11

1.         Why did Bishop Hying and this group from our diocese travel to Haiti?

2.         Do you think, as Catholics, we have a responsibility to help our sister parishes in poor countries?      Why/why not?

3.         What has ‘marked’ this poor country?

4.         What is the most important thing we hold in common with the people of Haiti?

5.         Look at all the pictures that accompany the story and find one that tells a story. Talk about why it speaks to you.




Page 17

1.         Where does Deacon Marben tell us that ‘Brian,’ from past columns, has now moved?

2.         Christians in the Mideast are being persecuted for their faith. Do you find that hard to believe in this day and age? Why?

3.         Despite the persecution, Christians have maintained their joy in the Lord. What does that tell you about their faith?

4.         According to Brian, how might we live with peace of mind no matter what might come our way?

5.         In what way is Caritas International a part of the Catholic Church?

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