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NWICatholic The Pastoral Center in Merrillville (where the NWI Catholic office is located) will be closed tomorrow Jan. 30 because of extreme cold.
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DISCUSSION GUIDE Issue of 5-5-19


Page 1

1.      How many years was Bishop Hying in Northwest Indiana?

2.      How was he informed of his new assignment?

3.      What are some of the things Bishop said he has enjoyed while being in the Diocese of Gary?

4.      What did Bishop Hying say was the centerpiece of his work here?

5.      What traits do you feel are important for a bishop to have?

6.      Discuss how a new bishop might be selected.



Page 1

1.      Discuss the definition of social teaching.

2.      What is the name of the method Deacon Dan Lowery discussed to address social issues?

3.      Explain how the method was used using the example of Tree of Life synagogue shooting during the workshop?

4.      What are some important issues in your community?

5.      What may be some of the advantages of using a step by step method before a parish or religious group decides to respond to a social justice issue?



Page 5

1.      What is one act of religious hatred Bishop Hying mentions in his column?

2.      What does Catholic Church say about acts of violence?

3.      Explain some of the building blocks to overcome religious intolerance mentioned by Bishop Hying.

4.      Bishop Hying states he does not want just to tolerate people but love them. Discuss how people show compassion and love toward one another.

5.      How would you personally start to ‘build a bridge of understanding’ with someone who is different from you?



Page 7

1.      What was the main message the seminarians brought to Bishop Noll Institute?

2.      What made Zach Glick start thinking about entering the seminary?

3.      About what age and grade were the seminarians when they began considering their vocation?

4.      What made Steven Caraher start thinking about entering the seminary?

5.      How might you encourage someone to consider a religious vocation?



Page 13

1.      Queen of All Saints students were asked to build something using just what two items?

2.      What does the ? in the event name mean?

3.      What were some of the objects made during this year’s Creativity Day?

4.      Why is collaboration important when tackling a task?

5.      Principal Arter said the special day is for “letting the student be ___ .”

6.      How might scheduling time to be creative benefit someone?

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