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DISCUSSION GUIDE: Issue of Oct. 13, 2019


Page 8

1. What do you think a gratitude journal is? What are some things you are thankful for?
2. What are the four things Tony mentioned can be barriers preventing people from becoming who God wants them to be?
3. How did Tony define prosperity? How did he define power?
4. Discuss which of the four barriers you feel is the most challenging?
5. What might be some advantages of attending a series like Theology on Tap?

Page 10

1. How many students gathered for the Respect Life Celebration?
2. What was the theme of the event? Discuss briefly what it means to you.
3. Fill in the blank. Father Yadron stated that every life is ___ and needs to be ____ .
4. Explain what respect life means. Does it relate only to unborn babies?

Page 15

1. What message does Mrs. Louis share with first communicants each year?
2. What are some reasons Catholics feel it is important to attend Mass every week?
3. In what ways has your school encouraged your faith?
4. Principal Ruiz called Mrs. Louis an inspiration. How can you be a role model to others?

Page 20

1. Why might someone participate in a bible study?
2. What was the topic of this particular bible study group mentioned in the article?
3. What are some facts members of the bible study group shared that they learned?
4. Who are some important women you can recall from the bible?
5. What modern day woman do you admire and why?

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