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DISCUSSION GUIDE: Issue of Oct. 20, 2019

Page 1
1. Why do you think Bruce and Beth White wanted to make a donation to the Big Shoulders Fund?
2. What are some of the areas in which the monetary gift will be used? How many schools in the Diocese of Gary will receive support from the Big Shoulder Fund?
3. What was the impact of the Big Shoulders Fund in Chicago?
4. What were some of the measurable ways the Big Shoulders Fund impacted Chicago schools?
5. Can you think of any other organizations or businesses that give back to the community?

Page 11

1. What are some ways priests help engage youth in their faith?
2. Have you personally ever attended a religious retreat or conference? If so, what was one positive aspect of the event?
3. Fill in the blank. At its core, you end adult ministry is all about ___.
4. Discuss a priest's role within a parish. What traits make a good priest?

Page 13
1. What is a ritual?
2. Discuss some of your family rituals.
3. What are some elements of the early Church's celebration of the Eucharist that have been preserved in the Mass?
4. Explain how the Eucharist brings people together.
5. What does the Eucharist represent according to Father Fetcko?

Page 18
1. What career did Father Greg want to pursue in high school?
2. How was Father Greg able to use his musical talents during his school years?
3. What talents has God given you?
4. Has someone ever encouraged you to pursue your talents or reach a goal? How did it make you feel to receive that support?

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