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Obituaries September 2014


Alexovic, Margaret, 93, Immaculate Conception, Whiting


Bach, Edwin J., 63, Immaculate Conception, Whiting

Belei, Anton, 96, St. Mary, Crown Point

Burgess, Joseph, 92, St. Mary, Crown Point


Callahan, Megan M., 28, St. James the Less, Highland

Campbell, Thomas D., 43, St. Michael, Schererville

Comerford, Philip B., 85, Our Lady of Consolation, Merrillville

Coppolillo, Clara M., 99, Immaculate Conception, Whiting


Darnell, Alice S., 68, St. Michael, Schererville

Darrington, Joanne, 65, St. Thomas More, Munster

Doffin, Ralph, Sr., 87, St. Mary, Crown Point

Drabik, Dorothy M., 72, St. Michael, Schererville


Ensweiler, John, 65, St. Mary, Crown Point


Flotz, George, 82, St. Mary, Crown Point


Gonzalez, Ramon, 85, St. James the Less, Highland

Grosek, Jerry F., 73, St. James the Less, Highland


Kaminski, Norma, 98. St. Peter, LaPorte

Koepl, Evelyn C., 87, St. Joseph, Dyer

Kovan, Kathleen F., 73, St. James the Less, Highland

Kowal, Frances, 94, St. Adalbert, Whiting

Kraus, Ruth, 81, St. Peter, LaPorte


Lacheta, Anthony, 66, St. James the Less, Highland

Lepley, Donald D., 76, St. Michael, Schererville

Lopez, Judith M., 54, St. Michael, Schererville

Luna, Nelda, 83, St. Michael, Schererville

Lundgren, Alberta, 81, St. James the Less, Highland


Mattingly, Louis V., 74, St. Mary, Kouts

Mikulaj, Kathleen J., 67, St. John the Baptist, Whiting


Navarro, Antonio, Sr., 83, St. James the Less, Highland

Neary, Patricia A., 66, St. James the Less, Highland


O’Day, Florence V., 98, St. James the Less, Highland

O’Donnell, Genevieve, St. Peter, LaPorte


Papesh, John R., 90, St. Thomas More, Munster

Plewniak, Sophie, 93, St. Adalbert, Whiting


Sandy, Katherine, 92, St. Peter, LaPorte

Scheuermann, Gloria L., 72, St. Thomas More, Munster

Schultz, Nickolaus E., 24, Our Lady of Consolation, Merrillville

Serafin, Margaret, 93, Sacred Heart, Whiting

Shutske, Tammy J., 49, St. Mary, Kouts

Sobek, Carol A., 81, Our Lady of Grace, Highland

Strabavy, Robert R., 90, Immaculate Conception, Whiting

Surowiec, Henry C., 98, St. Thomas More, Munster


Vahey, Thomas J., 82, St. Michael, Schererville


Whitlenger, Benne, 95, St. Thomas More, Munster


Wisniewski, Dorothy, 91, St. James the Less, Highland

Woess, Emily, 92, St. Thomas More, Munster

Wusik, Michael S., 62, Our Lady of Consolation, Merrillville

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