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NWICatholic St. Adalbert and St. John the Baptist parishes hosted Bishop Robert J. McClory this weekend in Whiting. He also att…
NWICatholic Hebron youth from grades 1-6 participated in the finale day Totus Tuus hosted at St. Helen. Children were part of i…
NWICatholic More than 80 youth participants and nearly 30 staff members joined in Week Two of the annual Catholic Youth Organiz…
NWICatholic HELP US CELEBRATE GRANDPARENTS! Pope Francis established July 25 as World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly. Te…
NWICatholic Valentina Guillen Menesello performs a Partito by Johann Sebastian Bach at St. Paul church in Valparaiso on June 18…
NWICatholic Look for the Summer Fun Guide section inside this weekend's Northwest Indiana Catholic for information on parish fe…
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October 2012 Obituaries

Ammons, John, 67, St. Edward, Lowell
Ankony, Wanda, 94, St. Stanislaus Kostka, Michigan City

Baecher, Marilyn E., 68, St. Thomas More, Munster
Banka, Karen S., 55, St. John Bosco, Hammond
Bebenek, Elizabeth M., 92, St. Casimir, Hammond
Beckham, Patrick L., 85, Ss. Peter and Paul, Merrillville
Benke, Dale, 64, St. Stanislaus Kostka, Michigan City
Binda, Margaret M., 89, Our Lady of Grace, Highland
Boback, Clifford, 88, Our Lady of Grace, Highland
Bootcheck, Louise, 86, St. Stanislaus Kostka, Michigan City

Carroll, Robert O., 61, St. Mary, Griffith
Chapman, Carol, 66, St. Edward, Lowell
Chavarria, Maria C., 59, St. Casimir, Hammond
Crandall, Ann, 89, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Davis, Patrick J., 74, St. John Bosco, Hammond
Del Rio, Vivian, 85, St. Thomas More, Munster
Denta, Elaine, 82, St. Joan of Arc, Merrillville
Dermody, Jean C., 86, St. Michael, Schererville
Doyle, Carol, 72, Our Lady of Consolation, Merrillville

Echterling, Jamie, 54, St. Edward, Lowell
Echterling, Susan, 62, St. Edward, Lowell
Emro, Thomas J., 71, St. John Bosco, Hammond
Erb, Majorie M., 91, St. John Bosco, Hammond

Foster, Helen, 83, St. John Bosco, Hammond

Garate, Elva, 79, St. Casimir, Hammond
Garcia, Refugio, 70, St. Mary, Crown Point
Gaza, Dorothy M., 83, St. Andrew the Apostle, Merrillville
Golarz, Joseph G., 69, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Hammond

Hall, Margaret J., 81, St. Mary, Crown Point
Harveth, George J., 93, Our Lady of Grace, Highland
Hernandez, Isaias, 86, St. Mary, Griffith
Hodor, Frances R., 84, St. Michael, Schererville

Kaminski, Joseph J., Jr., 59, St. Casimir, Hammond
Kapec, Helen, 82, St. John Bosco, Hammond
Kappes, Carlene, 75, St. Joan of Arc, Merrillville
Kendrick, Eugene, 82, Our Lady of Grace, Highland
Kenning, Clarence, 83, Holy Name, Cedar Lake
Klein, Katherine J., 79, St. Mary, Crown Point
Krachenfels, Cecelia M., 76, Our Lady of Consolation, Merrillville

Lakatos, Dorothy G., 93, St. Mary, Griffith
Lindsey, Roseanne, 63, St. Joan of Arc, Merrillville
Lovrinich, Ellen M., 89, St. Michael, Schererville

Madrigal, Serafin, 77, St. Casimir, Hammond
Magiera, Frank P., 94, St. Michael, Schererville
Metz, Walter R., 84, St. Thomas More, Munster
Morris, Helen, 92, St. Thomas More, Munster
Mudy, Shirley, 70, Holy Name, Cedar Lake
Mysliwiec, Charles W., 88, Our Lady of Grace, Highland

Nicoloff, Christ, Jr., 87, St. John Bosco, Hammond
Niemiec, Genevieve, 91, St. Edward, Lowell

Pavel, Raymond M., 78, Our Lady of Consolation, Merrillville
Postell, Melody Ann, 46, St. James the Less, Highland
Puclik, Barbara A., 75, St. Michael, Schererville

Rendina, Philip J., 86, Our Lady of Consolation, Merrillville
Rodriguez, Virginia, 73, Our Lady of Grace, Highland
Ryan, William A., 53, Our Lady of Consolation, Merrillville

Sabo, Helen L., 92, St. John Bosco, Hammond
Sellers, William, 60, St. Mary, Crown Point
Shelbourne, Adler B., 3, St. John Bosco, Hammond
Shuman, Theresa, 76, St. Joan of Arc, Merrillville
Sikorski, Marianne L., 86, Sacred Heart, Whiting
Smigiel, Marian, 84, St. Casimir, Hammond
Speck, Virginia, 93, Holy Name, Cedar Lake
Strabavy, Gerald A., 69, Immaculate Conception, Whiting
Sumner, Suzanne, 58, Holy Name, Cedar Lake
Sustaita, Maria, 86, St. John Bosco, Hammond

Tarne, Dorothy, 85, St. John Bosco, Hammond
Templin, John J., 88, St. Casimir, Hammond
Trzupek, Lottie, 95, St. Casimir, Hammond
Tuskan, Jeffrey A., 50, St. Michael, Schererville

Ulm. Dorothy M., St. Casimir, Hammond

VanWinkle, Shawn P., 37, St. Michael, Schererville
Vician, Steven, 75, Our Lady of Consolation, Merrillville

Wiggins, Terry, 84, St. Joan of Arc, Merrillville

Zuchowski, Anna Mae, 78, St. Helen, Hebron

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