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NWICatholic The Pastoral Center in Merrillville (where the NWI Catholic office is located) will be closed tomorrow Jan. 30 because of extreme cold.
NWICatholic "This horror is the antithesis of everything that Jesus Christ and the Church purport to be about." Read more this…
NWICatholic "Nurture the garden of your soul. Walk there with the Lord in the early light of dawn or the cool of the evening. S…
NWICatholic St. Kateri Tekakwitha, patron of the environment, ecology and those in exile, pray for us! Memorial July 14. Join u…
NWICatholic In Bishop Donald J. Hying's recent column, he writes about narcissism and entitlement, both of which call us to con…
NWICatholic In this week's column, Bishop Donald J. Hying talks about the Eucharist as the center and summit of our faith, a pr…
NWICatholic The new documentary, "Pope Francis: A Man of His Word," is scheduled to be shown locally starting Friday at Scherer…

November 2013 obituaries

Augustyn, Stanley F., 80, St. John the Baptist, Whiting
Boer, Vivian, 82, Our Lady of Consolation, Merrillville
Bonick, Timothy F., 49, St. Andrew the Apostle, Merrillville
Bukowski, Thomas A, III, 42, St. Mary, Griffith
Burns, Paul N., 90, St. Thomas More, Munster
DeRosa, John N., 73, St. Thomas More, Munster
Greco, Edward, 87, St. James the Less, Highland
Grott, John E. Jr., 60, Sacred Heart, Wanatah
Haluska, Peter, 101, St. Mary, Griffith
Hruskocy, Philip J., 60, Sacred Heart, Whiting
Jonas, Katherine W., 78, Sacred Heart, Wanatah
Kerosky, Catherine V., 87, Our Lady of Grace, Highland
Kinzer, Nicholas A., 74, St. Michael, Schererville
Kriston, Rose M., 89, Immaculate Conception, Whiting
Langer, Mari Lou, 64, St. Thomas More, Munster
Lusk, Colleen P., 16, St. Thomas More, Munster
Mihalcik, Michael, 80, St. James the Less, Highland
Nordmann, Nancy, 72, Our Lady of Consolation, Merrillville
Pawlowski, Theresa, 86, St. Thomas More, Munster
Radencich, Violet, M., 92, St. Joseph the Worker, Gary
Ransom, Laura B., 100, St. Mary, Otis
Ransom, Paul V., 61, St. Mary, Otis
Rincon, Mary Beth, 54, St. Michael, Schererville
Smith, Kathryn, 94, St. Joseph the Worker, Gary
Stoyakovich, Jeanette, 76, Holy Name, Cedar Lake
Svetlecich, Elizabeth A., 90, St. Joseph, Dyer
Thiery, Lucille J., 83, St. Joseph, Dyer
Tinsley, Barbara, 65, Holy Name, Cedar Lake
Vassar, Larry, 77, St. James the Less, Highland
Weeks, Carol, Holy Name, Cedar Lake
Wojas, Evelyn, 75, Our Lady of Grace, Highland
Yazvec, Rita, 82, Our Lady of Grace, Highland
Yothment, William, 91, St. Michael, Schererville
Zavala, Edward C., 81, St. Michael, Schererville

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