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NWICatholic Friends please read the latest message from Bishop McClory...
NWICatholic Friends, Bishop McClory announced that he set up an email address specifically to read your prayer intentions. You…
NWICatholic Bishop McClory invites us to unite in prayer at noon and 6 p.m. each day. Watch his full video message on YouTube
NWICatholic Bishop McClory will celebrate Mass at 11 a.m. on March 22. Click this link to watch the live stream:
NWICatholic The Pastoral Center in Merrillville (where the NWI Catholic office is located) will be closed tomorrow Jan. 30 because of extreme cold.
NWICatholic "This horror is the antithesis of everything that Jesus Christ and the Church purport to be about." Read more this…
NWICatholic "Nurture the garden of your soul. Walk there with the Lord in the early light of dawn or the cool of the evening. S…

Obituaries March 2014

Bendis, Curtis A., 36, St. Thomas More, Munster
Biernat, Mary, 95, St. Joan of Arc, Merrillville
Bobalik, Joseph E., 74, St. Thomas More, Munster
Bohling, Donald, St. Thomas More, Munster
Bood, Joan, 77, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, New Chicago
Brandon, Carla, 55, St. Peter, LaPorte
Broviak, Joseph, 71, St. Peter, LaPorte
Burosh, Genevieve T., 96, St. Stanislaus, East Chicago

Cashmer, Mary, 73, St. Mary, Crown Point
Chmielewski, Raymond, 90, Holy Name, Cedar Lake
Cooke, Norma Jean, 80, St. Michael, Schererville

Danko, Emily P., 78, St. Michael, Schererville
Dzierzak, Stanley, 94, St. Michael the Archangel, Schererville

Essling, Mark, 61, St. Peter, LaPorte

Fercik, Anthony S., 87, Immaculate Conception, Whiting

Gregor, Andrew J., 75, St. Mary, Crown Point

Hamilton, Ray, 70, St. Peter, LaPorte
Herr, Hermine I., 93, St. Mary, Crown Point
Hessling, Sister M. Bernita, SSND, 104, St. Patrick, Chesterton
Holiat, Frederick M., 49, St. John the Evangelist, St. John

Kielbasa, Lottie, 100, St. Stanislaus, East Chicago
Knesek, James J., Sr., 59, St. Thomas More, Munster
Krupinski, John R., 80, St. Mary, Griffith

Marciniak, Anne T., 100, St. Adalbert, Whiting
Matczak, Robert, 56, St. Mary, Crown Point
Michalak, Eugene J., 78, St. Stanislaus, East Chicago
Mikos-Lewandowsi, Virginia, 93, St. Michael the Archangel, Schererville
Milom, Joanne F., 57, St. Mary, Crown Point
Mirro, Michael A., 36, St. Mary, Crown Point
Misch, William A., 91, Holy Name, Cedar Lake
Mount, Robert, 89, St. Mary, Crown Point

Norbot, John J., 67, St. Michael the Archangel, Schererville
Novinc, Charlene D., 65, St. Mary, Griffith
Nowak, Phyllis, 73, Sacred Heart, Whiting

Omialianowski, Michaeline, 100, St. Stanislaus, East Chicago

Reinhart, Jerauld, 85, St. Joan of Arc, Merrillville
Rosenski, Thomas, St. Stanislaus, East Chicago

Saliek, Rebecca, St. Joan of Arc, Merrillville
Samargin, Thomas J., 54, St. Mary, Crown Point
Schweitzer, Josephine, 78, St. Mary, Crown Point
Scott, Jeanette, 82, St. Peter, LaPorte
Skinner, Mary, 82, St. Michael, Schererville
Spring, Donald, 74, Our Lady of Grace, Highland
Stanek, Mark, 55, St. Thomas More, Munster

Tejeda, Ruben, 51, St. Mary, Griffith
Tuttle, Jean, 78, Holy Name, Cedar Lake
Tutto, George, 79, St. Michael the Archangel, Schererville

Waite, Rose, 94, St. Andrew the Apostle, Merrillville
Wieser, Joseph, 97, St. Joan of Arc, Merrillville
Winiecki, George, 83, Our Lady of Grace, Highland

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