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February 2020 obituaries

Bolton, Jocelyn, 50, St. James the Less, Highland

Burke, Leo, 86, St. Paul, Valparaiso


Chastain, Caleb J., 77, St. Thomas More, Munster

Cronin, Gerald W., 87, St. Paul, Valparaiso


Evans, Russell G., 88, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, New Chicago


Fenyes, Elizabeth, 99, St. Thomas More, Munster

Flanagan, Mary Margaret, 73, St. Joseph, Dyer

Fraley, Joseph, 83, St. James the Less, Highland


Gajewski, Raymond J., 85, St. Adalbert, Whiting

Galgan, Virginia A., 93, St. Adalbert, Whiting

Gast, Edward O., 93, St. Paul, Valparaiso

Gomez, Timie D., 45, St. Thomas More, Munster

Gonzalez, Andre J., 59, St. John Bosco, Hammond

Grimmer, Patricia J., 85, St. Joseph, Dyer


Hannon, Bonnie, 69, St. Mary, Kouts

Hoyda, Leonard J., 85, St. Adalbert, Whiting


Ignas, Barbara, 65, St. John Bosco, Hammond


Keilman, Irene J., 90, St. Joseph, Dyer

Keough, Phyllis V., 79, Our Lady of Consolation, Merrillville

Kotul, Kathryn, 96, Our Lady of Consolation, Merrillville

Kucsera, Edna O., 86, St. John Bosco, Hammond

Kurzydym, Joan, 92, St. John Bosco, Hammond


Loza, Sally, 73, St. Joseph, LaPorte


Mayersky, Janet, 86, St. Paul, Valparaiso

Mazanek, Patricia, 82, St. Thomas More, Munster

McElwain, Bonita J., 62, St. Paul, Valparaiso

Miller, Jean, 92, St. Joseph, LaPorte

Miller, Lawrence P., 79, St. Thomas More, Munster

Murin, Patricia A., 88, St. Thomas More, Munster


Nordyke, Chet A., 67, St. Thomas More, Munster


Passe, Kenneth C., 85, St. Paul, Valparaiso

Prisby, Bernard H., 86, St. Matthias, Crown Point


Ramusack, George T., 91, St. Matthias, Crown Point

Reed, Genevieve ‘Jenny,’ 90, Sacred Heart, LaPorte

Rudolph, Richard, 89, St. Joseph, LaPorte


Schreiner, James E., 82, St. Thomas More, Munster

Schulz, Barbara J., 94, St. Joseph, Dyer

Seneczko, Emil, 89, St. Paul, Valparaiso

Smaron, Dolores Jean, 95, St. John Bosco, Hammond

Sudicky, Andrew Jr., 95, St. John Bosco, Hammond


Taylor, John, 89, St. Joseph, LaPorte

Teske, Collin P., 24, St. Matthias, Crown Point


Vogrin, Margaret, 92, St. Paul, Valparaiso


White, Laura S., 91, Our Lady of Consolation, Merrillville

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